Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey everyone!
Im working on updating my blog more to make it more interesting again.

Heres some filth im feeling.

1. T-Vicious - Give Me What I Want (Bryzergold remix)

So i have been listening to alot of remix's of this tune lately. All i have to say is FIREEE!!! I got the full version of this guy from the one bryzergold himself. Subvandals crew representative he is smashing florida as usual with all this latest fire. The mid reese in this thing is nut and makes you want to do insane things. Be on the lookout for the official release of this soon to be classic.

2. P0gman - Mortal Kombat

So i am feeling this free little skanker from the p0gman. Street fighter samples behind a heavy rotating skank reese. Even tho its named mortal kombat this is a husk street fighter! Been hearing it out frequent in philly, and looking to see it get more support.

3. Hermit - Hermit

Self titled tune from the one like hermit. Subvandals crew rep this fellow is smashing anything he is touching. Smooth atmosphere and gate leading up to a screeching mid reese and husk sub makes you feel like your getting sucked into the speaker. This killer is available for free on the Dawn of War ep via .

4. Taiki and Nulight - Fucked It Up

Basic, fire, fucked it up. Its a tune i almost wanna trainwreck on purpose. So diverse and full of robot energy. Fuck Shit UP!!

So i may keep doing this. please tell me if you liked it

If you would like to submit tunes for mastering or Subvandals free releases, send to BROFILTH@GMAIL.COM for consideration! Allow up to a week for response.